Family Math Night: Math Standards in Action by Jennifer Taylor-Cox

Family Math Night: Math Standards in Action

Book Title: Family Math Night: Math Standards in Action

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1930556993

Author: Jennifer Taylor-Cox

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Jennifer Taylor-Cox with Family Math Night: Math Standards in Action

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Why should your school have a Family Math Night?
- Help students learn essential math concepts
- Give parents a chance to serve as models of motivation, persistence and competence
- Promote math success in a supportive setting

With its step-by-step directions and suggestions for both teachers and parents, this book takes the worry out of planning and conducting a Family Math Night at your school.

How does Family Math Night work?
- Invite parents to accompany their children to school for an evening event.
- Arrange a series of tables ("stations") in a large room or in several classrooms.
- As shown in this book, prepare materials -- easy-to-find and inexpensive -- and set up an activity at each station.
- Parents and students visit some or all stations and engage in the activities together.
- Teachers encourage participation, offer assistance, and promote "math talk."

This book contains 40 engaging and inspiring activities, organized by grade level, along with:

For the teacher
- list of materials
- helpful hints
- connections to math standards

- For the parent and student
- description of activity and directions
- questions parents can ask
- challenges

The activities in this book align with the NCTM content and process standards for pre-kindergarten through grade 5.