Group Work with Persons with Disabilities by Sheri Bauman

Group Work with Persons with Disabilities

Book Title: Group Work with Persons with Disabilities

Publisher: Amer Counseling Assn

ISBN: 1556203403

Author: Sheri Bauman

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Sheri Bauman with Group Work with Persons with Disabilities

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This one-of-a-kind manual provides direction for leading groups for people with disabilities or groups that have members with disabilities. Although more than 19% of the U.S. population reports having a disability, many counselors are not adequately trained to provide services to these clients. This book helps bridge this training gap and is designed to increase awareness of and sensitivity to the unique experiences and needs of people living with disabilities. Viewing disability as a single aspect of a multifaceted person, Drs. Bauman and Shaw emphasize practical skill building and training for facilitating task, psychoeducational, counseling, family, and psychotherapy groups across settings. Topics examined in Part I include common themes in groups that focus on disability; various group formats, including groups using technological platforms; issues of diversity that exist simultaneously with ability; group composition; ethical concerns specific to group work with members who have disabilities; and special training considerations and logistical accommodations. Part II focuses on group counseling with specific populations. Chapters in this section discuss work with clients experiencing sensory, psychiatric, cognitive, and physical disabilities as well as chronic medical conditions. A list of resources, support information, and group exercises completes the book.